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How to Handle Dental Emergencies

Posted by on 01-22-2015 04:23:00

Many people tend to neglect dental injuries or teeth discomfort. A dental injury should be taken seriously, and the victim should meet a dentist immediately. The quicker you go to a dentist, the better he have a chance to save your tooth. In case of a dental emergency, the following procedures are useful to temporarily comfort the pain.
The following content shouldn`t be considered as a medical advice; it`s meant for informational purposes only.
In case of a dental injury, contact the nearest dentist as quickly as possible.


Bleeding is the common thing followed by a dental or an oral injury. Take a teabag or a moist cotton gauze and apply a little pressure on the affected area, to stop bleeding. Use a cold compressor on the outside of the injury affected area for a quick pain relief.

Dental Abscess

An infection at the root of a tooth causes dental abscess. Dental abscess can pose a serious health risk if untreated for longer periods. This infection can easily spread on to the other parts of the body, if proper care isn`t taken.
To comfort the pain, and minimize the infection, try rinsing your mouth with warm salt water solution for 8 times a day.
Contact your dentist immediately for a permanent cure.

Tooth Extrusion

Use a cold compressor on the outside to soothe pain. If the pain is high, you can use some over-the-counter painkillers until you reach the nearest dentist. Contact the nearest dentist as soon as a possible to avoid further complications.

Knocked out tooth

Don`t panic! Collect the dislodged tooth, clean it with water to remove any dust, and place it in a cup of milk. Don`t peel off any flesh that`s attached to the tooth. Now contact the nearest dentist as soon as possible to save the knocked out tooth.

Broken tooth

Save the broken piece of the tooth carefully. Wash it to remove any dust or dirt, and carry that along with you to a dentist. Use a moist cotton gauze or a tea bag on the affected are to stop bleeding. Use cold compressor outside or on the affected area to soothe the pain.
Contact the nearest dentist as soon as possible.


Rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water frequently. Floss your tooth to keep the spaces between the teeth clean. Use a cold compressor on your cheek for a quick relief. Toothache can be caused by various dental conditions, so you need to visit your dentist immediately to fix this problem.

Lost filling

Contact your dentist as soon as possible. As a temporary solution, you can use a sugarless gum to fill the gap. Don`t use sugar gums, as they might cause cavities again.

Lost crown

Sometimes it can be really painful. You can use olive oil on the affected tooth to comfort the pain. Make an appointment with your dentist as soon as you find your crown missing. Try to save your crown and store it properly until you meet your dentist.

Broken braces wires

Broken brace wires can cause some discomfort by poking your lips or mouth. In such cases, use the rubber end of a pencil to adjust it. Contact your dentist as soon as you noticed a broken wire. Don`t cut the braces on your own, as you may swallow the metal pieces or inhale it into the lungs.


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